In the whirlwind of junior year, with prom around the corner and the challenge of mastering parallel parking, it’s crucial to keep your eyes on the prize: college preparation. Here’s what you need to tackle now:

Maximize Your Senior Schedule

Dive into a chat with your school counselor to revamp your senior year courses. If your lineup is heavy on fluff and light on challenge, it’s time for a switch-up. Colleges crave students who push their limits academically and shine grade-wise. Ditch the temptation to coast and load up on courses that will sharpen your academic edge.

Forge a Relationship with Your Counselor

Your counselor’s recommendation could be a golden ticket in your college application. Make sure they can vouch for you beyond your grades. Share your aspirations, delve into summer plans, and demystify the admissions maze together. Leave with another meeting in the diary; it’s your future at stake, after all.

Keep the Grades Up

Every grade is a stepping stone towards your college dream. An upward trend can turn heads in the admissions office, signaling your unwavering commitment to growth. Transform those B’s into A’s and show you’re not just ready for college; you’re ready to thrive.

Plan a Summer That Counts

Idle summers won’t impress on college applications. Whether it’s landing a job, volunteering, or launching a creative project, choose activities that resonate with your passions and amplify your skills. Let this summer reflect a student eager to explore and expand.

Embark on College Visits

Crafting your college shortlist isn’t a task for the eleventh hour. Start touring campuses now to pinpoint what feels right. Mix it up with visits to diverse institutions and refine your preferences. Early exploration will ease the pressure when application deadlines loom.

Get Ahead with Essay Planning

The Common Application essay is your chance to stand out. Familiarize yourself with the prompts and start brainstorming. A well-thought-out essay, born from relaxed reflection rather than last-minute panic, will showcase your best self to admissions officers.

Consider a College Application Bootcamp

Dive into the intricacies of the Common Application with expert guidance from The College Spy’s Bootcamp. Michelle McAnaney and her team offer a deep dive into every component, ensuring you’re well-equipped to navigate the application with confidence and clarity.


Can I use Cheap Paper Writing services for my college application essay?
Yes, these services can provide guidance and editing to polish your essay, ensuring it reflects your voice and meets the application requirements.

How important are senior year courses in the college application process?
Very important. Colleges look for students who challenge themselves academically in their senior year, indicating readiness for college-level work.

Should I visit colleges before my senior year?
Absolutely. Visiting colleges early helps you refine your list and understand what environment suits you best, easing application stress later.

What if my grades are not consistently high?
Colleges value improvement. Showing that your grades have trended upwards over time can positively impact your application.

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