IT Services

Professional IT Services in Newark NJ

Data Recovery and Spy Store is proud to offer professional IT services in Newark NJ, covering everything from troubleshooting computer issues to recovering lost and forgotten passwords. If you are having trouble with your phone or hard drive, our experienced IT experts will thoroughly diagnose your phone, hard drive, or computer. If you feel like your phone has been hacked or compromised, ask us about our forensic malware scan service for your peace of mind. Video and Audio surveillance solutions are also available upon request. Call us today to learn more about our IT services!

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Empowering Security and Recovery: Our Advanced Solutions

Data Recovery and Spy Store specializes in advanced IT services, leveraging cutting-edge techniques and the latest methods in data recovery and surveillance. Our expertise spans solving common issues like hardware failure, accidental data deletion, and cyber espionage using state-of-the-art tools such as disk imaging, encrypted data extraction, and real-time monitoring software. We provide comprehensive data protection, recovery, and spy technology solutions, ensuring confidentiality and integrity. Our IT services include, but are not limited to, secure data backup, system recovery, digital forensics, and customized spy gear for personal and professional use, positioning us at the forefront of IT security and intelligence gathering.